Hardscape Specialists

Imagine having your own private getaway in your backyard. Hardscaping is the art of construction and placement of nonplant elements such as fences, walkways, paving, and lighting in a planned outdoor area. The term hardscape refers to any hard surface landscape such as a patio, driveway, retaining wall, or any other hard surface landscaping made up of hard wearing materials such as stone, concrete etc. as opposed to soft landscaping which is grass, bark and other such items. Whether you require practical hardscaping such as a wall to hold back a hill or simply want to spice up your pool with a waterfall or elegant pavers, no job is too big or too small! Paradise is only a step away!

Patios, Walkways & Driveways


Create new paths and ways to explore your yard, or amp up your existing walkways to a modern, sophisticated look. Pavers are considerably superior to concrete in more than one way. They are extremely durable, stain-proof from oil leaks, tire marks, and spills (with one-time application of paver sealer), easy to replace, and come in multiple colors and patterns to compliment any personality and style!

Wall Systems

Walls can serve many purposes. Retaining walls are used to hold back soil for dramatic height differences and erosion control. Field stone walls make eye-catching and decorative ways to outline or define boundaries or focal points. Blocks can be stacked to create tiers for planters or serve as extra seating. They also make excellent steps when recessed up an incline. There are many uses for walls both practically structural and simply aesthetic. See how one of our walls can benefit you!

There are many other ways to help accent your project. Subtle accents such as lighting, large decorative rocks, stepping stones, fountains, bar setups, waterfalls, grill setups, fire pits, and much more are availabe. Feel free to suggest ideas. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination!


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